Harrier Attack (For Sale - Apps Only)


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  • Published: 29/01/2021 5:10 pm
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Placeholder video; replacement video in preparation.

Title: emulation of Harrier Attack in iOS apps for download from the App Store and in Android apps for download from Google Play.

The Terms & Conditions of the IP Rights Assignment By Sale Agreement apply to this listing and may be downloaded from here.

Harrier Attack is a flying game released by Durell Software in 1983 for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum home computers amongst others and assigned by sale to Elite Systems in 1987. “The player controls a Sea Harrier fighter, looking sideways onto a right-to-left scrolling seascape and landscape. The aim of the game is to take off from a carrier, attack ships and land targets, avoid the odd missile and enemy fighter, then land back on the carrier again.” 

How this game became the property of Elite in the words of Durell’s founder.

Seller (user)name: Elite Systems Ltd

Want further information about this game and offer? Contact: https://www.elite-systems.auction/contact