2021 sees us take our first step toward realising an ambition that’s been 10 years in the making: - creation of a platform enabling video games and associated property to become an asset class. To be known initially as elite-systems.auction, the platform facilitates the sale and purchase of intellectual property rights (IP Rights) in: - games - apps and - hardware. Sale and purchase at a fixed price, by auction and by private treaty is supported. (Products and services - such as Official Merchandise - may also be offered, Excluding IP Rights, from the platform.) For the first half of 2021 and maybe longer, the platform will be in “public beta”. That’s to say, it’ll be open to commercial / private buyers but some functionality will be held back / flaky. In due course, the facility for sellers to add their own listings will be added. At the time of writing (29th Dec '20), we’re testing / tweaking functionality and populating the platform with our content. (Presently it hosts a few of the hundreds items of content we plan to list before announcing its existence.) Want further information about this and or to share your comments? Contact: steve.wilcox@elite-systems.co.uk

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